Syzmik is a leading workwear brand specialising in technologically advanced Industrial Workwear. Fabric quality and compliance to safety standards is of paramount importance. Under continuous strict testing for safety compliance, durability and comfort, the Syzmik range has been developed to not only meet but exceed the needs of hardworking men and women in the workplace across a variety of industries. Syzmik will continue to grow and develop more quality products using innovative fabrics and technologies which continually subject to stringent testing to ensure safety and reliability for those whose lives and livelihoods depend on it.

Spliced Industrial, Rugged Cooling, Streetworx, Tradie, Zone, Tracks, Astro, Squad, Aztec, Basic, Segmented, Denim, Duckweave, Ultralite, Utility, Cargo, Bio Motion, Micro Fleece, Reinforced Knit, Hexagonal, Textured Jacquard, Crew, Ful-Zip, Waterproof, Lightweight, 4in1, Storm, Vest, Cotton Drill, Overall, TTMC, Soft Shell, Multi-Pocket, Vented,  Cordura, Stretch, Lightweight, Hi-Vis S/S, L/S, Hooped, Taped, Day Only, D/O, Day Night, D/N, Fire Amour, FR, HRC, Moda Tech, Arc Rated, Anti Static, Work, Polo, Singlet, Tee, Jacket, Hoodie, Pant, Trouser, Men's, Ladies, Women's, Overall, Workwear.