Artwork Supply / File Preperation Guidelines

Hurrell Uniforms Branding Guidelines Vector vs Bitmap

We want to ensure the best quality branding result possible for you order. We also want to make sure that your job flows through our production schedule as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sometimes both of these endeavors can be affected by the supply of poor / incorrectly formatted artwork. See below for some guidelines we have put together to assist with this important part of the branding process.

Our software can open the following formats. If you are unsure of what to provide please forward this information to your graphics person.

If you are unable to supply us artwork in the correct formats as specified below, we can have our in house designer redraw your logo to make it fit for purpose. This service is however charged out at an hourly rate.

ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR (Preferred Software)

  • All versions up to CS6.
  • File Formats .ai or .eps file.
  • Embed or include all linked images
  • All Fonts should be converted to outlines.


  • All versions up to CS6.
  • File Formats .psd or .tif file.
  • CMYK - 300dpi at 100% print size.

Do not flatten the Photoshop file if you created it with layers as it is quicker and easier for adjusting the file to print to have all the original layers. Please rasterize all fonts contained within Photoshop images before submitting. Do not include the Background (e.g. T-shirt colour) on the same layer as the artwork to be printed. CMYK artwork should always be supplied on a transparent background.


  • All versions up to X6 supported
  • File Formats .cdr
  • All fonts should be converted to curves

Preferred File formats for specific branding applications:

Vector Files formats: .eps, .ai, .cdr
Bitmap Files formats: .jpg, .bmp, .tif, .psd, .png
All bitmap images must be over 300dpi.

With the embroidery we have to redraw the complete logo regardless of the art provided. If a bitmap, please make sure it is a reasonable size 300 dpi file. PMS colours are best to match to as computer monitors are all different.


Vector Files formats: .eps, .ai, .cdr

With the screen printing we have to separate the colours and bitmaps make this very difficult to do this. Vector files give the best reproduction and are the easiest for us to work with. PMS colours need to be specified and also the logo should be sized.

Vector Files formats: .eps, .ai, .cdr
Bitmap Files formats: .jpg, .bmp, .tif, .psd, .png
All bitmap images must be over 300dpi.

Digital transfers are a CMYK process and therefore we can accept bitmaps. Please size 1:1 and make sure that the image is at lease 300dpi. The printer can achieve 720dpi so the bigger file the better the print will be.