Pricing / Charges

As the products and services offered by Hurrell Uniform Solutions & Merchandise and Olivers Engraving are so uniquely tailored to each job there is no set pricing available to view online.

In order to provide you with a price based on your potential order we need to generate a quote based on all the information supplied (please allow up to 48hrs). This will factor in the quantity of garments / products that you are ordering, the method of branding that you are wanting to us to use (number of colours / size / positions of the design/s) and any set up / artwork charges that may also be applicable depending on whether the job is a repeat order / new job or if insufficient logo / design files are supplied.

Price Match:
If you receive a cheaper alternate quote on the same product/services check with us to see if we can price match (conditions apply).

$20.00 +GST Minimum Invoice Charge:
From January 1 2018 we have made the decision to implement a minimum invoice charge on our services. This decision will not affect the majority of our clients as invoices of less than $20.00 would account for less than 5% of orders. This will largely come into play for small branding jobs of 1 or 2 units when the customer is supplying their own goods. The implementation of this minimum invoicable amount is largely to cover the administration costs still involved with processing an order under this value.

Garment / Products:
Pricing for the supply of the garment / product itself is essentially based on a set wholesale price which is available on request (please provide us with the the brand & style code of the specific product in order to request this information). We can look at further discounting this price for you based on volume when 50+ units of the same style code is to be purchased at one time.

Pricing for embroidery is determined by the number of stitches involved in generating / reproducing your logo at a specific size. A one off fee is charged for the initial set up of the embroidery file which is held by Hurrell Uniform Solutions & Merchandise for your future use (the file the runs our machine remains the property of HUSM). The unit price per garment for embroidery is also determined by the number of stitches in the specific design / logo and is not affected by either the number of colours in the design or the number of units being embroidered. Pricing for embroidery may take up to 48 hours to be quoted on as all designs must be sent to our designer to have the stitch count calculated through our specialist embroidery software. With embroidery we also have a minimum charge per logo / design within an order of $12.00 +GST. This can be applicable to any logo variation within a job. For example if only 2 items are being branded with a particular logo within your order and this monogram is only $3.50ea +GST, you will be charged $12.00+GST for this portion of branding as opposed to $7.00 +GST.

Screen Printing:
Pricing for screen printing is determined by number of colours in the design / logo vs the number of items being printed. (therefore each repeat order will need to be quoted on if the number of items being branded changes). Set up charges are determined by the number of colours in each logo / design with one screen required for each colour used (each screen is $45.00 +GST). The most cost effective way of printing is therefore in large volumes with the least amount of colours (eg single colour design).

Digital Transfer Printing:
Digital transfer printing is a great option for full colour or low quantity print runs. As this process is more computer based we do not need to set up physical screen's. This reduces the set up cost's down to a single $35.00 +GST fee per design (regardless of the number of colours). Unlike screen printing however the per unit pricing is not essentially quantity driven. This is due to the fact that each print is applied individually and also requires a contour cut piece of vinyl media specific to the size of the print itself. As a result pricing is set and based on the size of the print being produced. Approximate pricing for this is $5.00+GST for 100mm x 100mm, $10.00 +GST for 200mm x 150mm and $15.00 +GST for 300mm x 200mm.