All products available for purchase through Hurrell Uniform Solutions & Merchandise have the ability to be personalised with your branding. We offer 3 in house branding methods (Embroidery, Screen Printing & Digital Transfer Printing). You can view more specific information on each of these 3 processes by using the Branding drop down menu.

(In house branding options are available on customer supplied product if these items are not available for purchase through Hurrell Uniform Solutions & Merchandise. Please do check with us first however to make sure the items you have purchased are suitable for branding.)

Hurrell Branding Banner

We also have other branding methods at available through established business relationships with industry suppliers. These additional branding options include Pad Printing, Direct Digital, Debossing, Rotary Printing, Etching, Resin Coating & Sublimation. Most of these branding methods are product specific and relate to promotional items. (These additional branding methods are not available on customer supplied products)

Our knowledgeable sales team will be able to guide / advise you as to which method of branding is best suited to your requirements. Please contact us to find out more information or to provide further assistance with the branding process.