Aurora / Cloke

Aurora & Cloke provide some of New Zealand's leading blank apparel designed for branding. Unlike some retail garments, each Aurora and Cloke style is designed to be branded using either screenprinting, embroidery or other embellishment methods. Their screenprint-ready garments – hoodies and tees in particular – are manufactured from tight-knit fabric which creates a smooth surface for crisp, clear print results. This fabric is dyed using specialty, non-solvent dyes that are designed not to bleed into your print.

All styles can be embroidered; this is particularly effective on our jackets and knitwear, which are constructed of robust fabrics designed to handle the needling of the embroidery machine without undermining the integrity of the garment. Many of our jackets feature a separate lining with embroidery access – this means the back side of the embroidery is concealed, making the inside of the garment remain as perfectly finished as the outside.

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